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Photography is my passion, but by no means is it my livelihood; I simply love photography.  My main goal is to produce high quality images that clients will love and look fondly upon for many years.  Thus, I follow two simple rules: (1) I do not accept money and/or deposits until you have seen exactly what you are paying for, (2) If for any reason you are not happy with my labor, not only will there be no charge, but I will give you the pictures or retake them at a later date.  This is my guarantee.


Unbooked / Onsite

1 Image  $50.00

2 Images  $80.00

3-5 Images  $125.00


Booked Event

5-10 Images  $150.00

Referral Rate  $125.00*

* During a booked photoshoot, my time and camera will be exclusively focused on you or your athlete. However, if the booking client makes a referral and an additional athlete is photographed during the same event the booking fee is reduced to $125.00.


** All images are captured on a professional full-frame mirrorless camera system (Sony A7 IV) paired with Sony G Master and Sigma Art camera lenses.  Geek stuff for sure, but in plain speak that means you will be able to see the color of eyes, individual hairs, sweat, blood, drool (yes drool), muscles, veins, bumps and bruises,  and most importantly the full spectrum of emotions displayed during competition.  Don’t try this on your mobile phones folks! 


*** More geek stuff.  I shoot all images in a RAW format (uncompressed and unedited), which is a clever way of saying really really REALLY big files that allow me to edit images into a perfect JPG format.  Thus, the images you receive can be uploaded to your favorite social media site, used as a screen saver, turned into a greeting card or blown up and printed to poster size with little or no visual degradation.  

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